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Welcome to Excesss Trivia!

Excesss Trivia is a live-hosted tv gameshow-style trivia contest that can be played by individuals or in teams. Perfect for bars, pubs, restaurants and taverns of all kinds! Excesss Trivia can set your establishment apart, boosting business and providing affordable fun for your patrons. We provide everything you need to make the night a success. We can even help with ideas for marketing and ad design promotion of your new trivia night.


Bar Pub Trivia Nights Just Got Exciting.

Excesss Trivia's game-show style trivia nights can provide fun excitement to any bar night, happy hour or special event. We provide a Jeopardy-like game screen, either on your TV or with our projectors, and up to ten teams or individual players can use our ring-in wireless buzzers to play in real-time!



No more writing down answers on slips of paper!

Wireless ring-in light-up buzzers keep the pace moving!


No more waiting endlessly for scores to be tallied!

Score keeping is automated and all players can see their scores at any time!


No more hoping no one is cheating with a cell phone!

Fast-paced buzzer trivia means little or no time for cellphones to provide an edge!


No more playing just one game a night!

Excesss Trivia can bring 4-5 games of trivia for up to TWENTY teams in just a couple hours!


  • So what exactly is Excesss Trivia?

    What is pub trivia? Is pub trivia something I should be doing? And for bar managers and owners- is pub trivia something you have in your venue? How does Excesss Trivia differ from other trivia companies?
    Learn more about pub trivia in general - and what it is that makes Excesss Trivia so special

  • Looking for YOUR new weekly Trivia night?

    We are honored to provide pub trivia services to some of the best venues in Central Ohio. Check out our list of nightly shows and find an Excesss Trivia Show near you! Shows are listed by day and time, and you can see what prizes each location is offering! What are you waiting for? Get a team together and come show us how big your brains are tonight!
    Click here for our list of shows

  • Find out how your venue or special event can have an Excesss Trivia night.

    Each week, Excesss Trivia brings our unique BUZZER-BASED fast paced gameshow-action trivia to some of the best bars and restaurants all over central Ohio. Great for not only bars & restaurants, but also for corporate events, reunions and birthdays, even wedding receptions or rehearsal dinners! Combined with our uplighting, photobooth and karaoke and DJ services - Excesss Trivia just might be the service provider you didn't know you were looking for!
    Learn more about our special event and corporate services here

  • The best hosts in the business

    Big Brains. Sharp wit. Tech geniuses. Sense of humor, Energy to keep a crowd interested, endless fonts of knowledge - and the ability to make some stuff up on the spot, too. It takes something special to be an Excesss Host- and we are lucky enough to have some of the BEST hosts you will find at ANY trivia night! Check them all out here... and heck - maybe even consider JOINING us - IF you think you got what it takes!
    Meet our hosts

  • See pictures of the glorious winners taken at each of our weekly shows! Just follow us on Facebook to see new pics added each week

    There is no doubt about it - what makes each and every one of our trivia shows so special is all of the great patrons that come week after week. Sure, winning is great, but so is just spending time with your friends, or coming up with the perfect witty or funny answer that- even it isn't right- was too good not to share. We try to take pictures of EACH of our winning teams, and we have quite a gallery of big-brained winners online! Check out a few of our favorite moments we have posted here in our gallery, and make sure to follow us on Facebook for all pictures from ALL the shows - as well as to get Facebook-only notifications of new shows and be the first to know of contests, giveaways, and other EXCESSS special events!
    Check out some of the fun we have in our gallery of trivia pictures

  • What subjects would you like at YOUR next trivia night???

    At Excesss Trivia, it is your host that writes the questions each week. That means we can make the questions as hard or as easy as is needed, and about the subject matter that those playing each week demand! Pus, with 4 games a night, and each game having 6 categories with 5 questions per category - we cover 120 questions a night! Other trivia nights? 20 or so questions, tops…
    Tell us what you would like your next trivia night subject material to cover!

  • Want your product or service featured all over the city? We can help.

    Contributing a trivia prize is a GREAT way to get exposure for your business. We can put slides up featuring products or companies in between rounds of trivia, or even customize questions to feature your product! YOU provide US with an exceptional offer on some coupons or gift certificates that could make great prizes, WE provide YOU with new potential customers and provide your company with valuable exposure!
    Sponsor a night or special event or be a featured prize provider


Excesss Productions, central Ohio's leader in karaoke, is proud to present a fun NEW way to spend a couple of hours out with friends or family in and around Columbus... live gameshow-style pub trivia!

Excesss Trivia provides TV-style buzzer ring-in trivia nights, with full multimedia questions! Pictures, movie clips, sounds, and music are all part of the fun when Excesss Trivia comes to your bar or special event!

Excesss Trivia can even customize the questions for your bar, or even use content you provide, specific to your special event! Great for weekly trivia nights in bars and restaurants, perfect for reunions and wedding rehearsal dinners and receptions, and great fun at corporate events, retreats or trainings!

Suggest a venue!

Know a place that would be PERFECT for a weekly Excesss Trivia night?


Want HINTS for each night's Trivia Games?

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Get hints for all games, see pics of each week's winners, and be the first to learn about new games and special contests!

Two fun ways to play!
Most shows feature BUZZER-style trivia! Ring in first to answer - it is Jeopardy-style Trivia with up to 10 or 20 teams!
buzzer ring in first trivia
Other shows feature Multichoice BUTTON-style trivia! Same great game format, but with multiple choice answers and EVERYONE can answer!
multi choice button trivia

We are always looking for bright, entertaining individuals to be trivia hosts!

Be an Excesss Trivia Host

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