Name-that-tune and mark that square: Excesss Music Bingo Trivia!

Name-that-tune and mark that square: Excesss Music Bingo Trivia!

Excesss has a type of trivia you don't see around much: Music Bingo trivia- where you can mark that square IF you recognize the song that is being played!


Grab a game board and open up our ears

Listen to the music, and if you know what you are hearing, mark the square on your game board!


Easy to learn, fun to play!

Score Familiar BINGO game format plus name-that-tune music recognition skills equals a unique trivia experience!


Custom content can be created!

With a little prep time, your Excesss Trivia host can write CUSOTM bingo ronds around any selection or theme of songs!


Great fun in bar settings

Listening to music in a bar is loads of fun, even for those not playing. Way better than trying to force everyone to be quiet during traditional pen-and-paper pubstyle trviia!



Excesss Music Bingo name-that-tune-style trivia is unique and fun.


We are a locally owned and operated company!

Support local! Buy local! Play trivia local!


Your host creates your gameboards

Other companies- maybe not so much! Excesss Trivia hosts even take category suggestions, and they can create custom music bingo collections based around YOUR requested themes!


More fun to play. More fun to watch!

Some trivia nights... it is like taking a test in a bar. They keep telling people not playing to be quiet, even!!! We are all about player AND audience participation and having some FUN!!!! Music Bingo lets the whole room listen to the music!


Great to add as a second trivia night each week

Instead of offering the same type of trivia all the time, why not change it up every day of the week?


Want more information? Ready to book us for YOUR bar,venue, or special event?

Just reach out to Excesss Trivia today! CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US trivia!


So many fun ways to play!
Most shows feature our team play BUZZER-style trivia! Ring in first to answer - it is Jeopardy-style GAMESHOW-paced Trivia with up to 10 or 20 teams!
team buzzer ring in first trivia

Other shows feature Multichoice team-play BUTTON-style trivia! Same great gameshow format, but with multiple choice answers where EVERY TEAM answers every question!
multi choice button trivia

Our Excesss Music Bingo trivia is second to none! We can use ANY collection of songs you choose for custom games!
music bingo name that tune trivia

Most people think it is like taking a test in a bar - but others can't get enough of it! If classic pen-and-paper PUB-STYLE trivia is your thing... we got you covered!
multi choice button trivia

XSQUIZ allows for players to play in person on their phones, or even remotely on their PCs as well! XSQUIZ is PERFECT for those in need of a COVID-conscious trivia solution.
multi choice button trivia

We are always looking for bright, entertaining individuals to be trivia hosts!

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